My Faith

This is what I believe. From this belief springs all that I write.

God’s Word in the original manuscripts is inerrant. The simply staggering number of manuscripts have produced very minor typographical aberrations. Any differences from copying have been identified and elucidated, making the accuracy of these ancient documents beyond comparison with even the closest and minute number of secular works, particularly by Homer, which is a far distant second.

Our God exists in three persons, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, which love and give love perichoretically. In fact, love is the central character from which all other character is informed. All of his actions are based on the unconditional, agape love. Never, at any point in timelessness, has God selected any of his creation to be separated from him—this idea is an affront to the nature of God’s love.

God created both angels and men differently, but with the intent to be the objects of his love. That love necessitates that he gives these spiritually cognizant beings the option to not return love. Both angels and men have a free, libertarian freedom in their existence because God’s love is the highest form of love.

Men, whose salvation and redemption from his prodigal state, are aware of their fallen state, but unable to help themselves. Only through God’s action of his love through his character of justice and mercy can man be redeemed. It is God’s primary goal to see all men brought back into a relationship with him.

Jesus Christ is the bodily material Son of God who bore our sentence required by God’s justice in order to offer us God’s mercy. God’s character is unchanging, completely transparent in his Word, and singularly true.

God has no pride to bruise. His call for us to return to him and worship him is not because he needs praise or worship. It is because man needs to worship and love him, and pride is the prime barrier to a restored relationship.

Jesus Christ prophesied not only his death and resurrection but the fact that he would be dead for three literal days. Of all the prophecy about him in Scripture, his own words hold the highest significance of all. They scream he is the Son of God and manifestation of God’s prime character of love.

All creation groans for Jesus Christ’s return. We are assured that the completion of our redemption will result in such a change in our nature, that all sin, even our sin nature, will no longer be possible. This permanent change in our core human nature is the only hope for all mankind. Without it, none of the world’s problems will ever be solved, no matter how they are “managed.”