Why We Go

Go into all the world and preach the Gospel. But why? Why do we expend all the effort, time, and money? Doesn't God control every little decision, aspect, or move in our life anyway?

Grace vs. Probation Purgatory

Consider for a moment the way our court system handles criminal justice. The accused stands before a judge. His defense pleads his case, while the prosecution outlines the evidence for his guilt. If found guilty, and then sentenced to jail, the convicted person often has a period of probation that sometimes follows an early parole release.

Millions of Years? Not hardly!

The most profound scientific difference between those who believe God created the earth in six days and those that don't, rests on whether there are millions or billions of years of time before earth came into being. Let's look at the unbiased math.

Fetal Pain & Pleasure

Pain, however, is not a thing by itself, but the negative end of a spectrum ranging from pain to pleasure. The argument that a human fetus experiences pain needs also to say something about fetal pleasure. Why do we find unborn children sucking their thumbs, for example? Why do they have periods of rest and then periods of kicking and twirling about in utero, which we also see in children laughing and playing and rolling about on a playground?

Communion Reflections

And Mary told him, “They have no wine.” Jesus replied, “Woman my time has not come.” What a curious response. At first blush it even appears disrespectful. I so wonder what Mary understood that we don’t? His first miracle of turning water into wine, occurs after...

How God Makes Sense

Some very smart men have said, “God is not with us… God is dead!”

Is that possibly true?

If we think we know our “how,” then how can there not be a “who?”

The Case Against Evolution

Preface. To many who believe in evolution, the basis for their stance is really a belief that somehow, if enough people voice support for this theory, that it must be fact. The following treatise is not only my argument against evolution as a legitimate...

Our Testimony

Prologue When reading the first chapters, you might be tempted to think that this is just a personal memoir recounting how I developed as a physician. It is not. This book is about my daughter Laura, who was never able to speak the words ‘Daddy, I love you!’ It is,...