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Note: All SALES ARE FINAL. We cannot accept returned merchandise.

What is an author-signed copy?

Unsigned copies of my books are sold online at (paperback and hardback)  and can be obtained from brick and mortar stores. Copies I sell on this website are all signed and dated.

How long does it take to ship my author-signed book?

I ship books via USPS Media Mail. Usually, I can get it in the mail within one to two days, barring holidays, They deliver in about a week. Tracking is not available.

What does it mean if a book is backordered?

All copies are printed on demand through IngramSpark, but I usually keep a stock on-hand so you don’t have to wait. If I run out they will be backordered. You can still purchase them, though. As soon as I get more copies, I’ll send out backordered purchases.

Why can I not accept returns?

There is no way to sell returned books. They have been signed. In order to make sure your purchase is worthwhile, I offer a customized book preview. Please see the Previews page and make sure this book is for you.